Evanston Pest Control

Rodent Control & More in Evanston, IL

What do you expect to find in your home? Clean spaces, comfy furniture, and fun entertainment probably top your list. However, when you look thoroughly around your home, you may find evidence of pests or rodents.

If you need thorough, effective pest and rodent control services for your Evanston, IL, home, get in touch with the professionals at A-Alert Exterminating Service, Inc.

How You Can Benefit From Our Pest Control Services

We know how frustrating pests can be. We don’t want you to live with mice, rats, or insects, so we offer mouse control and rat control services to keep your Evanston, IL, property free of rodents. If you have another pest on your property, like cockroaches or silverfish, we also offer pest control services to exterminate those pests.

We use environmentally friendly pest control solutions to effectively eradicate all kinds of unwanted animals on your property and to keep you and yours safe. We are thoughtful as we determine your pest control needs, so we use only natural materials to bait pests and trap them.

You can count on us to always look for the source of your pest issue rather than just removing a few bugs and rodents. When you’re ready to clear your Evanston, IL, home or business of pests, get in touch.

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