Old Town Pest Control

A-Alert Exterminating Service provides indoor pest control services in Old Town, Chicago. Our extermination experts have been removing pests from businesses, hotels, and commercial and residential homes for nearly forty years. A-Alert will remove any infestation or unwelcome critters including cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, rats, mice, ants, and more. We are proud to follow industry leading techniques in eco-friendly pest control as well as alternative methods for removing insects and rodents without using toxic chemicals. Our pest control experts are professionally trained and ready to remove any type of indoor pest. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Why Choose our Old Town Pest Control Company?

Old Town Pest Control Extermination Services:

Our Highland Park pest control representatives are qualified in the extermination of these indoor pests:

Cockroach exterminator ChicagoCockroachesmouse and mice exterminator ChicagoMiceRat Exterminator ChicagoRatsAnt Exterminator ChicagoAntsWasp & Bee Exterminator ChicagoStinging PestsSpider Pest Control ChicagoSpidersFly Pest Control Exterminator ChicagoFliesSilverfish Pest Control ChicagoSilverfishMillipede Exterminator ChicagoMillipedesBox Elder Bugs Pest Control Exterminator ChicagoBox Elder BugsLady Bud Exterminator ChicagoLady BugsPantry Pest Control Exterminator ChicagoPantry Pests

If you live in Old Town or the City of Chicago and need extermination control, please feel free to contact our extermination services today at (773) 348-3337 or fill out a quick request form and we will contact you shortly.